Finalists for 2010: Congratulations to these novelists!

Each novel was read by three panelists. Each panelist chose five favorites to give a star. Every novel
that received at least two stars became an automatic finalist. When there were fewer than five novels
with two stars in a category, another reader was brought in to evaluate those with one star, and promote
the necessary number into the finals. The five finalists in each category are listed below. Special mention
is awarded to those novels that received at least one vote. Thank you to all who entered.

A Big Tornado by Mackenzie Grace B.
Scientist by Benjamin N.
A Big Problem by Brianna T.
Adventures of Big D and BMC by Emma W.
Zoo With A Strange Zookeeper by Vivian S. L.
Mittens the Cat by Melea von T.
The Day I Went Back to Pioneer Times by Linnea M.
Ruby, A Twisting Tale by Emilie M.
The Adventures of Blue Flame the Heroic Giant Squid-Fighting Hero by Sage M.
The Search for the Gateway by Hanna N.

Special Mention: The Arachnid, A Home for Florida, The Search for Banana Pie, The Dog Trouble, The Rocket Man, Go Home Max.

One Girl Revolution by Sadie Z.
1 by Nicci M.
My Name is Mary Shadows by Natalie H.
Blaze by Alexandra S.
Lucinda and the Witch by Abigail A.

Special Mention: This is War!, Guinea Pigs, The Royal Ice Princess, Feeria, Elf Diaries, Human Spy, My Handy Secret.

Becoming Callie by Lena G.
The Fellowship of the League by Esme Z.
The Princess by Lena G.
Trixie by Lydia A.
An Adventure with Grandmary by Selsey S.

Special Mention: The Leather Pouch, The Girl in the Mirror, Go Fly a Kite, The Great Escape of Major Tim.

Violet Fire by Bryn B.
It Happened by Alex W.
Happy Ending is a Place by Mandy H.
Hunter's Moon by Hannah S.
Kite by Hannah S.

Special Mention: My Best Friend is a Werewolf, White, The Birdman, and Life with Barack Obama.

Hollin by Garrett R.
Little Angel by Adayla S.
Common Animals by Thomas B.
Journey to Anaguaria by McKinsie C.
How I Saved the Earth by Rhiannon H.

Special Mention: The City of Green, Lost and Found, Forgotten Memories, The Solar Ruby, A Secret Garden, Rodeo Horse.

Untitled by Larissa S.
Starstruck by Gemma B.
The Swordsmith's Exchange by Rose C.
Why I Missed the Second Set by Rose C.
Tales of the Humbats: The Seventh Piece by Raven M.

Special Mention: How to Find a Vampire, The Ladybug, Misconception, Revenge.

Protector by Madeleine K.
Shattering Darkness by Vienna H.
Children of the Stars by Holden M.
Diamonds and Soot by Hannah S.
The Scouser Cap by Emily V.

Special mention: Yevnazera, Timbuktu: A Ricochian Tale, A Brother's Hug, Sign of the Lark, Mirrored.

The Bride by Hannah H.
Vengence: 25 cents by Kathleen M.
Light's Prophecy by Anna M.
Cadence by Scout G.
Don't Look Down by Tanya S.

Special Mention: The Legend of Monsturra, Edge Estate, Brothers of Courage, The Blade Unbroken, Soren Brewer, Lullaby

Dreamwalker by Caitlyn S.
If Pearls Could Sing by Pamela C.
Windows by Pamela C.
Broken Things by Emily D.
Falling Night by Anna W.

Special Mention: Scarlet Knight, Ignition, Last Dance on Broad Street, The Balance, Black Boots and Crimson Feathers

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